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Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is the highest honor given by ISTSS. It is awarded to the individual who has made great lifetime contributions to the field of traumatic stress.

2009 Roger K. Pitman, MD
2008 Dean Kilpatrick, PhD
2007 Arieh Shalev, MD
2006 Louis Crocq, MD, PhD
2005 William Yule, PhD
2004 Terence M. Keane, PhD
2003 Frank Ochberg, MD
2002 Yael Danieli, PhD
2001 Robert S. Pynoos, MD, MPH
2000 Robert Ursano, MD
1999 Matthew Friedman, MD, PhD
1998 Bessel van der Kolk, MD
1997 Edna Foa, PhD
1996 Judith L. Herman, MD
1995 Lars Weisaeth, MD
1994 Charles R. Figley PhD
1993 Ann Burgess, DNSc
1992 Henry Krystal, MD
1991 Lawrence C. Kolb
1990 William Niederland
1989 Leo Eitinger, MD
1988 James Titchener, MD
1987 Beverly Raphael, MD
1986 Mardi J. Horowitz, MD
1985 Robert Jay Lifton, MD


Chaim and Bela Danieli Young Professional Award

This award recognizes excellence in traumatic stress service or research by an individual who has completed his or her training within the last five years.

2009 Matthew T. Tull, PhD
2008 Richard Meiser-Stedman, PhD
2007 Diane Elmore, PhD, MPH
2006 Casey Taft, PhD
2005 Karestan Koenen, PhD
2004 Christine Heim, PhD
2003 Jon D. Elhai, PhD
2002 Mark Van Ommeren, PhD
2001 Alison Holman, PhD
2000 Lisa M. Shin, PhD
1999 Michael D. Debellis, MD
1998 Allison Harvey, PhD
1997 Lisa Najavits PhD and Caron Zlotnick, PhD
1996 J. Douglas Bremner, MD
1995 Inge Bramsen, PhD
1994 Frank W. Weathers, PhD
1993 Juesta M. Caddell, PhD and Eve Carlson, PhD
1992 Brett T. Litz, PhD
1991 Rachel Yehuda, PhD
1990 Susan B. Sorenson, Ph.D.
1989 John H. Krystal, M.D.


Robert S. Laufer, PhD, Memorial Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement

This award is given to an individual or group who has made an outstanding contribution to research in the field of traumatic stress.

2009 Paula P. Schnurr, PhD
2008 Naomi Breslau, PhD
2007 Scott Orr, PhD
2006 Stevan Hobfoll, PhD
2005 Fran Norris, PhD
2004 Patricia Resick, PhD
2003 Alexander McFarlane, MD
2002 Daniel King, PhD, and Lynda King, PhD
2001 Richard Bryant, PhD
2000 David W. Foy, PhD
1999 John Briere, PhD
1998 Rachel Yehuda, PhD
1997 Zahava Solomon, PhD
1996 Terence M. Keane, PhD
1995 Arik Shalev MD
1994 Roger K. Pitman, MD
1993 Bonnie L. Green, PhD
1992 Lars Weisaeth, MD
1991 The Principal Investigators of the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study
Richard Kulka, PhD
William Schlenger, PhD
John A. Fairbank, PhD
Richard Hough, PhD
B, Kathleen Jordan, PhD
Charles Marmar, MD
Daniel Weiss, PhD


Sarah Haley Memorial Award for Clinical Excellence

This award is given to a clinician or group of clinicians in direct service to traumatized individuals. This written and/or verbal communication to the field must exemplify the work of Sarah Haley.

2009 Linda A. Piwowarczyk, MD, MPH
2008 Charles Zeanah, Jr., MD
2007 Howard Osofsky, MD, PhD, and Joy Osofsky, PhD
2006 Anica Mikus Kos, MD
2005 Minna Barrett, PhD, and Thomas Demaria, PhD
2004 Greg Passey, MD
2003 Christine A. Courtois, PhD
2002 Robert Abramovitz, MD
2001 James F. Munroe, EdD
2000 Medecins sans Frontieres -- Doctors without Borders
1999 L ucy Berliner, MSW
1998 Sandra L. Bloom, MD
1997 Laura Brown, PhD
1996 Mary Harvey, PhD and Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD
1994 Chaim F Shatan, MD


Public Advocacy Award

This award is given for outstanding and fundamental contributions to advancing social understanding of trauma.

2009 Matthew J. Friedman, MD, PhD
2008 Ellen Gerrity, PhD
2007 The Honorable Barbara Mikulski, U.S. Senator, Maryland
2006 Jonathan Shay, MD, PhD
2005 Anne DePrince, PhD
2004 Beth Hudnall Stamm, PhD
2003 Senator Tom Harkin
2002 William W. Harris, PhD, and David B Harris


Frank Ochberg Award for Media and Trauma Study

This award, established at the 2003 annual meeting, recognizes significant contributions by clinicians and researchers on the relationship of media and trauma.

2009 Elana Newman, PhD
2008 Roger A. Simpson, PhD
2007 Samoon Ahmad, MD
2006 Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD and Errin Staub, PhD
2005 Anthony Feinstein, MD, PhD
2004 Betty Pfefferbaum, PhD

ISTSS Student Research Award

This award is presented to Student Members who submit proposals judged to have the greatest potential to contribute to the field of traumatic stress.

2009 Cecilia Martinez-Torteya and Ryan Matlow
2008 Joseph Franklin and Ihori Kobayashi
2007 Lori Gray and Melissa Milanak
2006 Ann Chu and Sarah Ostrowski
2005 Lorraine Stewart, MS and Erika Wolf, ALB

Nicole Nugent and Lindsay Smart

2003 Rachel Guthrie and Maria Padun
2002 Margaret Butkereit
2001 Anne Dietrich and Monique LeBlanc
2000 Jodie M. Ambrosino and Michaela Mendelsohn

ISTSS Student Poster Award

This award is presented annually to recognize excellent work in a poster submission to the ISTSS Annual Meeting

2009 Archana Basu, MA — First Place
Sheila Frankfurt, BA — Honorable Mention
Philip Held, BA — Honorable Mention
2008 Rachel Moore, BA — First Place
Katherine Thomas, BA — Honorable Mention
Maria Pacella, BA — Honorable Mention
2007 Isabeau Bousquet Des Groseilliers — First Place
Mark Gapen — Honorable Mention
2006 Brittain Lamoureux — First Place
April Fritch — Honorable Mention
Chih-Hsun Wu — Honorable Mention
2005 Eve Sledjeski — First Place
Lori Gray — Honorable Mention
Birgit Kleim — Honorable Mention
2004 Jennifer Greif — First Place
Sari Gold — Honorable Mention
Daryl Schrock — Honorable Mention
2003 Lisa McTeague — First Place
Nicole Nugent — Honorable Mention
Alessandra Rellini — Honorable Mention
Marit Sijbrandij — Honorable Mention
2002 Christian Menard
2001 Iris M. Englehard — First Place
Angela Dixon — Honorable Mention
2000 Amy Busch — First Place
Iris M. Englehard — Second Place
M. Laurie Conrad — Third Place
Renee Dominquez — Honorable Mention


Other Awards

Conference on Innovations in Trauma Research Methods (CITRM)
This award is presented for outstanding contribution to trauma research methodology for creating and managing the Conference on Innovations in Trauma Research Methods (CITRM).

Daniel King, PhD
Lynda King, PhD
Elisa Triffleman, MD
Jeffrey Sonis, MD, MPH
Dean Lauterbach, PhD
Patrick Palmieri, PhD