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Childhood Trauma Remembered

A Report on the Current Scientific Knowledge Base and Its Applications
— for Professionals

Now available online: This landmark document was developed to provide an objective and balanced review of the complex issues involved in the controversy about memories of childhood sexual abuse. Sections address the questions of childhood trauma, traumatic memory, the memory process, clinical issues and forensic implications pertaining to the ongoing debate on this subject. Published June 1997, 24 pages, color, softcover. Introduction and Authors.

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Remembering Childhood Trauma: Fact and Fiction
— for Consumers

After a year of intense discussion, writing and rewriting by more than a dozen contributors and chief editors Susan Roth and Matt Friedman, ISTSS published �Child-hood Trauma Remembered: A Report on the Current Scientific Knowledge Base and its Applications,� or CTR. The 24-page pamphlet was the first major analysis that integrated clinical and research understanding. Building on the success of the original publication, ISTSS has published a new, consumer-oriented edition of CTR, developed by the ISTSS Public Education Committee chaired by Laurie Pearlman. 

Packages of 30 brochures are available from ISTSS for $12.50. For information contact Marti Buckely at ISTSS,

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