Online Trauma Training
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Therapeutic Applications of Meditation and Mindfulness (Audio Training, 3 Credits)
with Lynn Waelde, PhD

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Meditation and mindfulness interventions have become increasingly popular in clinical settings because they are safe, feasible, and effective and may avoid the stigma associated with mental health treatment. There are indications that meditation may be beneficial for PTSD because meditation practice may directly address hyperarousal and avoidance (Waelde, 2004, 2008).This workshop will introduce participants to the theory, research, techniques, and clinical applications of meditation and mindfulness for traumatized persons. Participants will be introduced to a Inner Resources (Waelde, 2004b, 2005), a manualized meditation intervention that has been tested for its effects on PTSD, depression, anxiety, diurnal cortisol slope, and quality of life variables in a series of clinical trials (Butler et al., 2008; Waelde, Thompson, & Gallagher-Thompson, 2004; Waelde, Thompson, & Gallagher-Thompson, 2008; Waelde, Uddo et al., 2008). We will also address considerations for implementing meditation in ethnically diverse groups and the use of meditation for therapist self-care. Participants will have the opportunity to practice the meditation and mindfulness techniques used in inner resources and discuss their own experiences using meditation therapeutically.

  • Identify empirical support for psychotherapeutic meditation
  • Identify theories for psychotherapeutic meditation
  • List clinical considerations for using meditation with the traumatized population
  • Describe techniques that are used in clinical interventions and for therapist self-care