Online Trauma Training
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Advanced Workshop on Cognitive Processing Therapy (Audio Training, 3 Hours)
with Patricia Resick, PhD, and Tracey L. Smith, PhD

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The purpose of this workshop is to provide advanced training in the implementation of cognitive processing therapy (CPT) for PTSD and related comorbid disorders. Please attend this workshop only if you have implemented CPT with trauma victims prior to attendance. The CPT protocol will be reviewed in only the most cursory manner, so participants are asked to review the protocol and generate their questions and case examples prior to the workshop. The content will be driven by the therapeutic issues and case examples brought to the workshop by participants. It is anticipated that we will discuss issues of chronic avoidance and treatment noncompliance; selection of which trauma to process first; and what to do when clients cling tenaciously to their guilt and self-blame. Implementation across different types of trauma (e.g., crime, disaster, traumatic bereavement, combat) and different formats for group treatment will also be discussed. The objectives of the workshop are to assist participants in implementing CPT effectively, to consider complex cases, and to advance participants’ trauma-focused cognitive therapy skills.

Learning Objectives

1. Acknowledge treatment-interfering behaviors (e.g., problems in attendance, not completing homework) to improve the efficacy of CPT

2. Demonstrate how to maximize the writing and reading of trauma accounts within CPT

3. Define advanced trauma-specific cognitive strategies.