Importance of Considering Culture in the Definition of Traumatic Stressors


The importance of addressing culture in the definition of traumatic stressors (Caspi, Ghafoori, Smith, & Contractor, 2013) and in the understanding of their short and long-term impact (Ghafoori, Caspi, Contractor, & Smith, 2014), is further accentuated in the cross-cultural examination of help-seeking practices, barriers to health-care, and the appropriateness and effectiveness of trauma treatment methods. Read More... 

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Time to Study Traumatic Flashbacks?


In the early days of PTSD most traumatologists considered intrusive memories of specific stressful events to be a distinctive symptom but we now know they are found in most forms of psychopathology (Brewin, Gregory, Lipton, & Burgess, 2010). Instead, evidence is gradually accumulating that it is the reliving in the present that distinguishes intrusive memories in PTSD from those in other disorders (Brewin, 2013; Brewin et al., 2010). Read More...

Resilience after Trauma: from surviving to thriving

Be sure to read the newest volume of the European Journal of Psychotraumatology, which features highlights from the 2013 ISTSS annual meeting focused on resilience. The thematic cluster of articles, organized by Nugent, Sumner, and Amstadter, reflects contributions from the 2014 plenary talks and can be found under the heading- Resilience and Trauma.

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