Research on Deployed Danish Solders:


Since the beginning of the 1990s, the Danish military has deployed more than 40,000 soldiers to war zones, especially to the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan (Source: The Danish Defense).To the war in Afghanistan alone, the Danish Defense has to date deployed 9,918 unique soldiers with a total of 18,015 deployments (Source: The Danish Defense).  Read More... 

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Focus on Prolonged Exposure (PE)


When I think about some of the key therapeutic components that promote recovery for trauma survivors with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I think about dealing with the memories of the trauma, addressing avoidance of trauma-related reminders that impair their lives, and re-evaluating shifts in thinking about how trauma survivors view themselves, others, and the world around them. One of the main reasons I like prolonged exposure (PE) for the treatment of PTSD is that it does such a good job at addressing each of these factors for trauma survivors. Read More...

The Effect of Beta-Blockers on Traumatic Memory Consolidation and Reconsolidation

Student Perspectives - Psychological effects of experiencing a trauma may be reduced through psychopharmacological means by blocking activation of the beta-adrenergic stress system. Previous studies demonstrated that activation of the beta-adrenergic stress hormone system in response to an emotional experience leads to enhanced memory of the event (for review see: McGaugh, 2000).- Read More... 

Traumatic StressPoints
December 2014



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From iSTSS to ISTSS: Traumatic Stress Around the Globe

Miranda Olff, PhD

ISTSS Honors Outstanding Leaders at 2014 Annual Meeting

Parental Grief Facilitation: How Parents Can Help Their Bereaved Children During the Holidays

Julie Kaplow, PhD, ABPP, Christopher Layne, PhD and Robert Pynoos, MD, MPH

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