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ISTSS Public Education Pamphlets

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The ISTSS Public Education Committee has created a number of fact sheets and pamphlets for the general public and for consumers. The publications provide a readily accessible introduction to important trauma-related issues for the public at large, clients, research participants and other professionals.

Text from these fact sheets and pamphlets is available by clicking on the titles below. The online material is updated regularly.

View the following fact sheets in Chinese:

View the following fact sheets in Arabic:

View the following fact sheets in Spanish:

The following printed pamphlets are available and may be ordered from ISTSS by individual packet or in bulk ($12.50 per packet of 25):

  • What Is Traumatic Stress?
  • When a Friend or Loved One Has Been Traumatized
  • Traumatic Stress and Substance Abuse Problems
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Children and Trauma
  • What is ISTSS?

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