Online Trauma Training
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Early Intervention:  Expert Consensus Principals and Review of Research (Audio Training, 1 Credit)

with Stevan Hobfall, PhD & Richard A. Bryant, PhD

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Five Principles of Psychosocial Intervention in the Immediate and Midterm Aftermath of Mass Casualty – Stevan Hobfall, PhD 

Five basic principles of psychosocial intervention in the immediate and midterm aftermath of mass casualty have been determined by an international group of experts on disaster and terrorism as a blueprint for intervention following mass casualty, based on review of the empirical literature.

What Do We Know about Early Interventions after Trauma – Richard Bryant, PhD

A description of cognitive behaviour therapy techniques for early interventions for PTSD, recent developments in identifying recently traumatised people at high risk for PTSD, the evidence for early interventions for PTSD, and their limitations.

Learning Objectives

  • Name three essential elements of interventions following mass casualty events.
  • Identify two reasons extensive early psychological intervention following a mass casualty event may be inappropriate.
  • Identify two common posttraumatic disorders.
  • Describe the results of studies on the effectiveness of psychological debriefing and early CBT intervention in preventing pathological posttraumatic responses.