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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Volume 18, Number 2, April 2005


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Assault, Psychiatric Diagnoses, and Sociodemographic Variables in Relation to Help-Seeking Behavior in a National Sample of Women
Sarah F. Lewis, Heidi S. Resnick, Kenneth J. Ruggiero, Daniel W. Smith, Dean G. Kilpatrick, Connie L. Best, Benjamin E. Saunders

Physiological Arousal and Dissociation in Acute Trauma Victims During Trauma Narratives
Reginald D.V. Nixon, Richard A. Bryant, Michelle L. Moulds, Kim L. Felmingham, Julie A. Mastrodomenidco

Deployment Stressors, Gender, and Mental Health Outcomes Among Gulf War I Veterans
Dawne S. Vogt, Anica P. Pless, Lynda A. King, Daniel W. King

Embedded Journalists in the Iraq War: Are They at Greater Psychological Risk?
Anthony Feinstei, Dawn Nicolson

The Role of Loss of Meaning in the Pursuit of Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Alan Fontana, Robert Rosenheck

Motives to Drink as Mediators Between Childhood Sexual Assault and Alcohol Problems in Adult Women
Carla E. Grayson, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema

Correlation Between Traumatic Events and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Among North Korean Defectors in South Korea
WooTaek Jeon, ChangHyung Hong, ChangHo Lee, Dong Kee Kim, Mooyoung Han, SungKil Min

Treatment of Residual Insomnia After CBT for PTSD: Case Studies
Jason C. DeViva, Claudia Zayfert, Wilfred R. Pigeon, Thomas A. Mellman

Psychometric Properties of a Swedish Translation of the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale-Diagnostic Version
Nenad Paunovic, Lars-Goran Ost

Prediction of Numbing and Effortful Avoidance in Female Rape Survivors with Chronic PTSD
Catherine A. Feuer, Pallavi Nishith, Patricia Resick

Role of Peer Support and Emotional Expression on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Student Paramedics
Kim Lowery, Mark A. Stokes