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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Volume 17, Number 5, October 2004


Ethical Issues Pertaining to Research in the Aftermath of Disaster
Lauren K. Collogan, Farris Tuma, Regina Dolan-Sewell, Susan Borja, Alan R. Fleischman

 Decision-Making Capacity and Disaster Research
Donald L. Rosenstein

The Risks and Benefits of Participating in Trauma-Focused Research Studies
Elana Newman, Danny G. Kaloupek

The Concept of Vulnerability in Disaster Research
Carol Levine

 Health Status and Mortality in Holocaust Survivors Living in Jerusalem 40–50 Years Later
Chen Collins, Genc Burazeri, Jaime Gofin, Jeremy D Kark

The Differential Association of Intimate Partner Physical, Sexual, Psychological, and Stalking Violence, and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in a Nationally Representative Sample of Women
Kathleen C. Basile, Ileana Arias, Sujata Desai, Martie P. Thompson

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Following Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis
Anne Marie Chalfant, Richard A. Bryant, Gary Fulcher

CBT for Vietnamese Refugees with Treatment-Resistant PTSD and Panic Attacks: A Pilot Study
Devon E. Hinton, Thang Pham, Minh Tran, Steven A. Safren, Michael W. Otto, Mark H. Pollack

 Vocational Function Among Persons with Schizophrenia with and Without History of Childhood Sexual Trauma
Paul H. Lysaker, Michael A. Nees, Rebecca S. Lancaster, Louanne W. Davis

 Emotional Disclosure in Homeless People: A Pilot Study
Aída de Vicente, Manuel Muñoz, Eloísa Pérez-Santos, Ana Belén Santos-Olmo

Shame-Proneness as a Diathesis for Dissociation in Women with Histories of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Jean A. Talbot, Nancy L. Talbot, Xin Tu