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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Volume 17, Number 4, August 2004


Postdisaster PTSD over Four Waves of a Panel Study of Mexico’s 1999 Flood
Fran H. Norris, Arthur D. Murphy, Charlene K. Baker, Julia L. Perilla

PTSD Symptoms, Demographic Characteristics, and Functional Status Among Veterans Treated in VA Primary Care Clinics
Kathryn M. Magruder, Christopher Frueh, Rebecca G. Knapp, Michael R. Johnson, James A. Vaughan III, Toni Coleman Carson, Donald A. Powell, Renée Hebert

A Mediational Model of PTSD in World War II Veterans Exposed to Mustard Gas
M. Kay Jankowski, Paula P. Schnurr, Gary A. Adams, Bonnie L. Green, Julian D. Ford, Matthew J. Friedman

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Parenting Satisfaction Among a National Sample of Male Vietnam Veterans
Rita E. Samper, Casey T. Taft, Daniel W. King, Lynda A. King

Evaluation of Initial Posttrauma Cardiovascular Levels in Association with Acute PTSD Symptoms Following a Serious Motor Vehicle Accident
Beth Buckley, Nicole Nugent, Eve Sledjeski, A. Jay Raimonde, Eileen Spoonster, Laura M. Bogart, Douglas L. Delahanty

Changes in Mothers’ Basic Beliefs Following a Child’s Bone Marrow Transplantation: The Role of Prior Trauma and Negative Life Events
Christine Rini, Sharon Manne, Katherine N. DuHamel, Jane Austin, Jamie Ostroff, Farid Boulad, Susan K. Parsons, Richard Martini, Sharon Williams, Laura Mee, Sandra Sexson, William H. Redd

 Posttraumatic Growth in Child Survivors of a Road Traffic Accident
Emma Salter, Paul Stallard

Cognitive-Behavioral Couples’ Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Initial Findings
Candice M. Monson , Paula P. Schnurr, Susan P. Stevens, Karen A.Guthrie

Social Acknowledgment as a Victim or Survivor: A Scale to Measure a Recovery Factor of PTSD
Andreas Maercker, Julia Müller

Are Reports of Posttraumatic Growth Positively Biased?
Sharon G. Smith, Sarah L. Cook