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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Volume 16, Number 6, December 2003


Causes of Death Among Male Veterans Who Received Residential Treatment for PTSD
Kent D. Drescher, Craig S. Rosen, Thomas A. Burling, David W. Foy

A Descriptive Analysis of PTSD Chronicity in Vietnam Veterans
Paula P. Schnurr, Carol A. Lunney, Anjana Sengupta, Lynn C. Waelde

Do Patients Drop Out Prematurely from Exposure Therapy for PTSD
Elizabeth A. Hembree, Edna B. Foa, Nicole M. Dorfan, Gordon P. Street, Jeanne Kowalski, Xin Tu

Peritraumatic Versus Persistent Dissociation in Acute Stress Disorder
Paula Panasetis, Richard A. Bryant

Effects of Trauma-Focused Research on Recent Domestic Violence Survivors
Lesley E. Johnson, Charles C. Benight

Comment on Hembree and Foa
Howard Lipke

Response to "Comment on Hembree and Foa"
Elizabeth A. Hembree, Edna B. Foa, Shawn P. Cahill

Long-Term Effects of the Dresden Bombing: Relationships to Control Beliefs, Religious Belief, and Personal Growth
Andreas Maercker, Johannes Herrle

Stress Reactions Among Swedish Peacekeeping Soldiers Serving in Bosnia: A Longitudinal Study
Per-Olof Michel, Tom Lundin, Gerry Larsson

Health Effects of War Stress
Ellinor F. Major

Positive Adaptation in Trauma: Wisdom as Both Process and Outcome
P. Alex Linley

Predictors of Nonpathological Dissociation in Northern Ireland: The Affects Of Trauma And Exposure To Political Violence
Martin J. Dorahy, Christopher A. Lewis, Robert G. Millar, Travis L. Gee