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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Volume 16, Number4, August 2003


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Cancer and Their Mothers
Ronald T. Brown, Avi Madan-Swain, Richard Lambert

Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Activity Among Armenian Adolescents with PTSD Symptoms
Armen K. Goenjian, Robert S. Pynoos, Alan M. Steinberg, David Endres, Khachik Abraham, Mitchell E. Geffner, Lynn A. Fairbanks

The Relationship Among Cognitive Schemas, Job-Related Traumatic Exposure, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Journalists
Caroline M. Pyevich, Elana Newman, Eric Daleiden

Ambulatory Monitoring and Physical Health Report in Vietnam Veterans with and Without Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Jean C. Beckham, Casey T. Taft, Scott R. Vrana, Michelle E. Feldman, John C. Barefoot, Scott D. Moore, Susannah L. Mozley

Group Therapy for Incarcerated Women Who Experienced Interpersonal Violence: A Pilot Study
Rebekah G. Bradley, Diane R. Follingstad

Are the Dissociative Criteria in ASD Useful?
Lori A. Zoellner, Lisa H. Jaycox, Christina G. Watlington, Edna B. Foa

Mental Health, Social Functioning and Feelings of Hatred and Revenge of Kosovar Albanians One Year After the War in Kosovo
Barbara Lopes Cardozo, Reinhard Kaiser, Carol A. Gotway, Ferid Agani

Predictors of Chronic Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Following Burn Injury: Results of a Longitudinal Study
N.E.E. Van Loey, C.J.M. Maas, A.W. Faber, L.A. Taal

The Relationship Between Intimate Partner Violence and PTSD: An Application of Cox Regression with Time-Varying Covariates
Mieko Yoshihama, Julie Horrocks

Male-Perpetrated Violence Among Vietnam Veteran Couples: Relationships with Veterans' Early Life Characteristics, Trauma History and PTSD Symptomatology
Holly K. Orcutt, Lynda A. King, Daniel W. King

Changes in Religious Beliefs Following Trauma
Sherry A. Falsetti, Patricia A. Resick, Joanne R. Davis

Consistency of Retrospective Reporting About Exposure to Traumatic Events
Karen E. Krinsley, James G. Gallagher, Frank W. Weathers, Catherine J. Kutter, Danny G. Kaloupek

"Forward Psychiatry" in the Military: Its Origins and Effectiveness
Edgar Jones, Simon Wessely

Gender, Social Support and PTSD in Victims of Violent Crime
Bernice Andrews, Chris R. Brewin, Suzanna Rose