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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Volume 16, Number 3, June 2003


The Relationship Between Self-Disclosures and Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Peacekeepers Deployed to Somalia
Elisa E. Bolton, D. Michael Glenn, Susan Orsillo, Lizabeth Roemer, Brett T. Litz

Service Utilization and Outcomes in Medically Ill Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress and Depressive Disorders
Teresa L. Kramer, Brenda M. Booth, Xiaotong Han

Participation in Trauma Research: Is There Evidence of Harm?
Michael G. Griffin, Patricia A. Resick, Angela A. Waldrop, Mindy B. Mechanic

Children's Memory For Trauma And Positive Experiences
Lucy Berliner, Ira Hyman, Ayanna Thomas, Monica Fitzgerald

Predictors of Acute Distress Among Young Adults Injured by Community Violence
Lisa H. Jaycox, Grant N. Marshall, Maria Orlando

Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Heart Rate Variability During Rem Sleep in Female Rape Victims with PTSD
Pallavi Nishith, Stephen P. Duntley, Peter P. Domitrovich, Matthew L. Uhles, Brenda J. Cook, Phyllis K. Stein

Assessment of Response Style in Combat Veterans Seeking Compensation for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
C. Laurel Franklin, Stephanie A. Repasky, Karin E. Thompson, Shannon A. Shelton, Madeline Uddo

Sensitivity and Specificity of the PTSD Checklist in Detecting PTSD in Female Veterans in Primary Care
Ariel J. Lang, Charlene Laffaye, Leslie E. Satz, Timothy R. Dresselhaus, Murray B. Stein

Effects of Context and Question Type on Endorsement of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Adrienne E. Fricker, Daniel W. Smith, Joanne L. Davis, Rochelle F. Hanson

Mmpi-2 F Scale Elevations in Adult Victims of Child Sexual Abuse
Jill M. Klotz Flitter, Jon D. Elhai, Steven N. Gold

Perceptions of Sexuality as Related to Sexual Functioning and Sexual Risk in Women with Different Types of Childhood Abuse Histories
Kelly A. Schloredt, Julia R. Heiman

Coping with Incest: The Relationship Between Recollections of Childhood Coping and Adult Functioning in Female Survivors of Incest
Bethany L. Brand, Pamela C. Alexander

Quality of Life and Psychological Distress of People Who Survived the Holocaust as Children 55 Years Later
Marianne Amir, Rachel Lev-Wiesel

Psychiatric Medication Use Among Manhattan Residents Following the World Trade Center Disaster
Joseph A. Boscarino, Sandro Galea, Jennifer Ahearn, Heidi Resnick, David Vlahov