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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Volume 14, Number 4, October 2001


Recent Victimization in Women and Men with Severe Mental Illness: Prevalence and Correlates
Lisa A. Goodman, Michelle P. Salyers, Kim T. Mueser, Stanley D. Rosenberg, Marvin Swartz, Susan M. Essock, Fred C. Osher, Marian I. Butterfield, Jeffrey Swanson

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in a General Psychiatric Inpatient Population Alexander C. McFarlane, Clara Bookless, Tracy Air

The Relationship of Sleep Quality and Posttraumatic Stress to Potential Sleep Disorders in Sexual Assault Survivors with Nightmares, Insomnia, and PTSD
Barry Krakow, Anne Germain, Teddy D. Warner, Ron Schrader, Mary Koss, Michael Hollifield, Dan Tandberg, Dominic Melendrez, Lisa Johnston

Psychophysiological Reactivity in Female Sexual Abuse Survivors
Annmarie McDonagh-Coyle, Gregory J. McHugo, Matthew J. Friedman, Paula P. Schnurr, Claudia Zayfert, Monica Descamps

Rape and Physical Violence: Comparison of Assault Characteristics in Older and Younger Adults in the National Women's Study
Ron Acierno, Matt Gray, Connie Best, Heidi Resnick, Dean Kilpatrick, Ben Saunders, Kristine Brady

The Long-Term Mental Health Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse: An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Multiple Traumas in a Sample of Women
Victoria L. Banyard, Linda M. Williams, Jane A. Siegel

Relationships Among Alcohol Use, Hyperarousal, and Marital Abuse and Violence in Vietnam Veterans
Vincent W. Savarese, Michael K. Suvak, Lynda A. King, Daniel W. King

Consistency of Self-Reports of Traumatic Events in a Population of Dutch Peacekeepers: Reason for Optimism?
Inge Bramsen, Anja J. E. Dirkzwager, Suzanne C. M. van Esch, Henk M. van der Ploeg

A Qualitative Analysis of Posttraumatic Stress Among Mexican Victims of Disaster
Fran H. Norris, Deborah L. Weisshaar, M. Lori Conrad, Eolia M. Diaz, Arthur D. Murphy, Gladys E. Iba�ez

"Transcend" Initial Outcomes from a Posttraumatic Stress Disorder/Substance Abuse Treatment Program
Beverly Donovan, Edgardo Padin-Rivera, Sean Kowaliw