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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Volume 14, Number 3, July 2001


Sertraline, Paroxetine, and Venlafaxine in Refugee Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with Depression Symptoms
Amer Smajkic, Stevan Weine, Zvezdana Djuric-Bijedic, Esad Boskailo, Jonathan Lewis, Ivan Pavkovic

Open Trial of Nefazodone for Combat Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
David A. S. Garfield, Christopher G. Fichtner, Catherine Leveroni, Atul Mahableshwarkar

Fluvoxamine and Sleep Disturbances in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Thomas C. Neylan, Thomas J. Metzler, Frank B. Schoenfeld, Daniel S. Weiss, Maryann Lenoci, Suzanne R. Best, Tami L. Lipsey, Charles R. Marmar

Sleep Difficulties and Alcohol Use Motives in Female Rape Victims with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Pallavi Nishith, Patricia A. Resick, Kim T. Mueser

Dreams and Exposure Therapy in PTSD
Barbara Olasov Rothbaum, Thomas Alan Mellman

A Study of the Validity of a Screening Instrument for Traumatic Stress in Earthquake Survivors in Turkey
Metin Ba[scedil]oglu, Ebru [Scedil]alc[inodot]oglu, Maria Livanou, Melih �zeren, Tamer Aker, Cengiz K[inodot]l[inodot]�, �zlem Mest�ioglu

The Effect of Relocation after a Natural Disaster
Louis M. Najarian, Armen K. Goenjian, David Pelcovitz, Francine Mandel, Berj Najarian

Commentary: Evaluating Psychological Debriefing: Are We Measuring the Right Outcomes?
Martin P. Deahl, Michael Srinivasan, Norman Jones, Carl Neblett, Allan Jolly

Hardiness: An Examination of its Relationship with Positive and Negative Long Term Changes Following Trauma
Mark Waysman, Joseph Schwarzwald, Zahava Solomon

Multivariate Prediction of Posttraumatic Symptoms in Psychiatric Inpatients
Eve B. Carlson, Constance Dalenberg, Judith Armstrong, Jill Walker Daniels, Richard Loewenstein, David Roth

PTSD Symptoms and Partner Abuse: Low Income Women at Risk
Laura C. M. Vogel, Linda L. Marshall

Information Processing of an Acquaintance Rape Scenario among High- and Low-Dissociating College Women
David A. Sandberg, Steven Jay Lynn, Abigail I. Matorin

A Brief Report on the Penn Inventory for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Peter Scragg, Nick Grey, Deborah Lee, Kerry Young, Stuart Turner