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Volume 11, Number 2, April 1998



Factors Associated with PTSD Symptoms Following Treatment for Breast Cancer: Test of the Andersen Model
Michael A. Andrykowski and Mathew J. Cordova

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Family Functioning in Adolescent Cancer
David Pelcovitz, Barbara Goldenberg Libov, Francine Mandel, Sandra Kaplan, Mark Weinblatt, and Aliza Septimus

Comparative Distress Levels of Inner-City Family Members of Homicide Victims
Martie P. Thompson, Fran H. Norris, and R. Barry Ruback

Animal Defensive Reactions as a Model for Trauma-Induced Dissociative Reactions
Ellert R. S. Nijenhuis, Johan Vanderlinden, and Philip Spinhoven

The Development of a Measure of Correlates of Child Sexual Abuse: The Traumatic Sexualization Survey
Abigail I. Matorin and Steven Jay Lynn

Dysfunctional Cognitions and Adult Psychological Functioning in Child Sexual Abuse Survivors
Kerstin Wenninger and Anke Ehlers

Recovered Memory of Childhood Sexual Trauma: A Documented Case from a Longitudinal Study
Sunita Duggal and L. Alan Sroufe

Structural Aspects of Survivors� Thinking About the Holocaust
Peter Suedfeld, Charlene Fell, and Robert Krell

Effects of Litigation Settlements on Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Motor Vehicle Accident Victims
Edward B. Blanchard, Edward J. Hickling, Ann E. Taylor, Todd C. Buckley, Warren R. Loos, and Janine Walsh

MMPI Scales for Diagnosing Acute and Chronic PTSD in Civilians
Louise Gaston, Alain Brunet, Diane Koszycki, and Jacques Bradwejn


Female Partners� Estimations of Male Veterans� Combat-Related PTSD Severity
James G. Gallagher, David S. Riggs, Christina A. Byrne, and Frank W. Weathers

The Development of a Scale to Assess War-Time Atrocities: The War Events Scale
William S. Unger, Robert A. Gould, and Mark Babich

Relationship Between Trauma Narratives and Trauma Pathology
Nader Amir, Jane Stafford, Melinda S. Freshman, and Edna B. Foa

Screening for PTSD in a Substance Abuse Sample: Psychometric Properties of a Modified Version of the PTSD Symptom Scale Self-Report
Scott F. Coffey, Bonnie S. Dansky, Sherry A. Falsetti, Michael E. Saladin, and Kathleen T. Brady