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Journal of Traumatic Stress

Volume 9, Number 4, October 1996



Appraisal of Life Threat and Acute Trauma Responses in Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Patients
Margaret L. Stuber, Kathleen O. Nader, Beth M. Houskamp, and Robert S. Pynoos

Children’s Selective Coping After a Bus Disaster: Confronting Behavior and Perceived Support
Norman (Noach) Milgram and Yosef H. Toubiana

Traumatic Events and Physical Health in a Community Sample
Sarah E. Ullman and Judith M. Siegel

Factors in the Cycle of Violence: Gender Rigidity and Emotional Constriction
David Lisak, Jim Hopper, and Pat Song

Themes of Power and Betrayal in Sexual Abuse Survivors’ Characterizations of Interpersonal Relationships
Joan Huser Liem, Joan Gately O’Toole, and Jacquelyn Boone James

Longitudinal Patterns of Care for Patients with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
David L. Ronis, Elizabeth W. Bates, Adam J. Garfein, Barbara K. Buit, Spencer P. Falcon, and Israel Liberzon

Interpersonal Violence: Expanding the Search for Long-Term Sequelae Within a Sample of Battered Women
Terri L. Weaver and George A. Clum

Assessing the Effects of Violence on Women in Battering Relationships with the Keane MMPI-PTSD Scale
Sean Perrin, Vincent B. Van Hasselt, Isandy Basilio, and Michel Hersen

MMPI Profiles of Acute and Chronic PTSD in a Civilian Sample
Louise Gaston, Alain Brunet, Diane Koszycki, and Jacques Bradwejn

Crisis Support Following the Herald of Free-Enterprise Disaster: A Longitudinal Perspective
Tim Dalgleish, Stephen Joseph, Sian Thrasher, Troy Tranah, and William Yule


Posttraumatic Stress, Mental Health Professionals, and the Clergy: A Need for Collaboration, Training, and Research
Andrew J. Weaver, Harold G. Koenig, and Frank M. Ochberg

The Use of Anticonvulsants in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Case Study and Overview
Nicholas Ford

Sertraline in the Treatment of Rape Victims with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Barbara O. Rothbaum, Philip T. Ninan, and Linda Thomas

The Counting Method for Ameliorating Traumatic Memories
Frank M. Ochberg

Extent of Victimization, Traumatic Stress Symptoms, and Adjustment of Terrorist Assault Survivors: A Long-Term Follow-Up
Helena Syna Desivilya, Reuven Gal, and Ofra Ayalon

Modification of CAPS-1 for Diagnosis of PTSD in Afghan Refugees
Samad Bazger Malekzai, John M. Niazi, Stephen R. Paige, Shelton E Hendricks, Denis Fitzpatrick, M. Patricia Leuschen, and C. Raymond Millimet

PTSD: How Frequently Should the Symptoms Occur? The Effect on Epidemiologic Research
Elie G. Karam, Jina C. Noujeim, Sabah E. Saliba, Adel H. Chami, and Sana Abi Rached