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Family Systems SIG


Mission Statement

The Family Systems Approaches to Trauma Special Interest Group (FSAT-SIG) seeks to establish a focus that promotes increased knowledge about the nature of psychological trauma, along with the prevention and treatment of its effects on individuals and their intimate relationships, from a family systems perspective. Individuals do not experience traumatic events in isolation; rather, they are part of larger couple, family, and socio-cultural systems. It is important to understand and address both (1) how trauma impacts the broader systems within which the individual survivor interacts and lives, and (2) sources of resilience within these systems that facilitate recovery and growth.

In an effort to promote the larger mission of ISTSS, the FSAT-SIG is designed to: 1) educate the ISTSS Community about advancements both within and outside the field that have implications for research and treatment of trauma survivors and their family systems, 2) promote awareness of the relationship between traumatic stress and issues for couple and family systems, 3) foster communication among FSAT-SIG members regarding their clinical and research work and interests, 4) stimulate further research and clinical developments in this area to narrow the gap between research and clinical practice, and 5) disseminate information regarding FSAT-SIG activities to ISTSS and to the larger field.


Briana S. Nelson Goff, Ph.D.
School of Family Studies and Human Services
Marriage and Family Therapy Program
Kansas State University
322 Justin Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-1403
Ph: 785-532-1490
Fax: 785-532-5505
e-mail: bnelson@ksu.edu

Laurel J. Kiser, PhD, MBA
Department of Psychiatry
University of Maryland School of Medicine
737 W Lombard St., Rm 500
Baltimore, MD 21210
Ph: 410-706-2490
Fax: 410-706-0022
e-mail: lkiser@psych.umaryland.edu


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3.24.2005 Visit the ISTSS Forums Site.


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4.9.2007 The Impact of Maternal mental Health on Infant development
Maternal Mental Health on Infant Development - PDF, 228 KB
4.9.2007 Family Member Responses to Traumatic Injury: How Do They Compare to Those of Injured Patients
Family Member Response to Traumatic Injury - PowerPoint, 187 KB
4.9.2007 Working Together to Increase Resiliency in National Guard and Reserve Members and Their Families
Increase Resiliency - Hunt - PowerPoint, 1.06 MB
Increase Resiliency - Slone - PowerPoint, 750 KB
Warriors Coming Home - PowerPoint, 471 KB
4.9.2007 PTSD and Intimate Relationships
PTSD and Women's Aggression & Satisfaction - PowerPoint, 115 KB
4.9.2007 A Prospective Examination of Family Adjustment among Male and Female Operation Desert Storm Veterans 
Family Adjustment among Operation Desert Storm Veterans - PowerPoint, 118 KB
1.1.2004 Draft Changes: The draft overview of the proposed changes to the SIG's charter can be found here in Word Format, 24 KB.

Links & Resources

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1.25.2007 American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

1.25.2007 Trauma Research, Education, and Consultation at K-State

?Trauma Research, Education, and Consultation at K-State? (TRECK) is a program that focuses on developing research projects, providing education, and clinical consultation about issues related to trauma and traumatic stress. Under the direction of Dr. Briana S. Nelson Goff, Associate Professor at Kansas State University, TRECK team members include graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Family Studies and Human Services and related programs at Kansas State University who receive specialized clinical and research training in trauma. www.ksu.edu/treck

1.25.2007 Trauma Research and Education at Georgia State University (GSU), Atlanta, GA

Directed by Greg Jurkovic, Ph.D., The Family Traumatology Team at GSU conducts research, educational, and applied activities related to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of acute, post- and secondary trauma and chronic stress of children and families. Composed of psychology undergraduate students and graduate students in Clinical and Community Psychology, the team is guided by ecosystemic and existential-ethical perspectives. Populations of particular interest include indigenous and refugee groups affected by war and other stressors, juvenile offenders, and child victims of maltreatment. Current projects focus on: 1) the moderating role of socio-familial factors, particularly filial responsibility, in the relationship between trauma exposure and post-traumatic stress symptomatology; 2) the development of a measure of trauma exposure and treatment protocol for underserved youths; 3) an innovative mentoring program for refugee children and their families; and 4) the development of culturally sensitive mental health services for the refugee community.

1.25.2007 The Traumatology Institute at Florida State University

Directed by Dr. Charles Figley, the FSU Traumatology Institute brings together health and mental health professionals from a wide array of disciplines from throughout the United States and around the world to develop cutting edge research, treatment approaches, and training programs in the field. http://mailer.fsu.edu/~cfigley/TraumatologyInstitute.html

1.25.2007 Resources for Military Families:

National Center for PTSD: Managing Stress and Recovering from Trauma: Facts and Resources for Veterans and Families


Army Community Service: Information on Family Advocacy and Deployment Readiness for Army Families


1.25.2007 Information on Treatment for Couples with a Trauma History

Dr. Sue Johnson and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Assessing PTSD in Couples and Partners: The Dyadic Dance of Trauma by John P. Wilson and Robert R. Kurtz


1.25.2007 General Resources for Families

City of Seattle: Ten Things Families Can Do to Cope with Trauma. When a national disaster happens, it is common and normal to have unsettling feelings, thoughts and behaviors. Here are some ideas for ways to cope...



The Family Informed Trauma Treatment (FITT) Center

The FITT Center is a Category II Center of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network.