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Regular Membership
Regular membership is open to all lay and professional persons. Regular members can choose whether they want access to the Journal of Traumatic Stress in both print and electronic formats or, at a discount, in electronic format only.

Student Membership
A reduced membership fee is available to students enrolled at least half-time in a formal training program that fosters professional development, are in good standing in their training program, and are no more than two years post-graduation status from the highest degree that he/she has undertaken. Student members enjoy all membership benefits.

Membership Discounts for the International Community
ISTSS now offers sliding scale membership rates, based on country of residency.

 Affiliate Membership (Regular and Student)
Current members of official ISTSS affiliated societies (AfSTSS, ALFEST, ASTSS CTSN, DeGPT, ESTSS, JSTSS and SAPs) are invited to join ISTSS at a reduced rate. ISTSS Affiliate Members are eligible to vote, serve on committees and hold office in the organization.

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