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Volunteer Opportunities
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Volunteer Opportunities

With more than 30 committees, ISTSS offers a variety of opportunities for early, mid or late career members to volunteer.

Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteers play an integral, role in the day-to-day activities of the society and contribute to the decision-making process that helps shape ISTSS as a society.
  • Volunteers make connections with other volunteers and leaders in the profession, creating a powerful professional network.
  • Volunteerism adds leadership, service, and professional dedication to CVs.
  • Assist ISTSS in achieving the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.

Visit the Volunteer Information Center: Get Involved Today!

To volunteer to serve on one of the ISTSS committees visit the ISTSS Volunteer Information Center, contact ISTSS headquarters at or call +1-847-480-9028. You must be a member in good standing to volunteer.  Not an ISTSS member?  Join today!

What our volunteers are saying...

I've volunteered with ISTSS in a variety of positions over the course of many years, ranging from serving as a Program Committee reviewer and subsequently a Program Committee Deputy, through serving as the Chair of the Diversity Committee, with a number of memberships on other committees such as the Web Editorial Committee along the way as well. Doing so has brought me many things, not the least of which has been the opportunity to work with some truly wonderful people who I might not otherwise have gotten to know as well.

In a more career-related vein, my volunteer experience with the ISTSS has helped me develop both specific skills and a broader awareness of how volunteering can help me grow professionally.

- Elisa Triffleman, PhD

The ISTSS volunteer experience was fantastic and I met so many wonderful people in the organization. I think it was because of that welcoming atmosphere that I had the inclination to run for student leadership and become more involved with ISTSS. Looking back, becoming a volunteer was a first step for me toward a richer role within the organization and helped ISTSS become my "professional home."

- Mylea Charvat, PhD