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International Structure and Affiliations Committee

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Responsibilities:  The IS&A Committee will: examine the functioning of the Society and make recommendations for revisions to the Bylaws and procedures of the Society in order to integrate our international scope; promote international representation on and involvement in Society leadership and professional activities; work with Membership Committee toward growth in member involvement worldwide; and work with Program Committee toward breadth of programming at the Annual Meeting. 

IS&A Committee is advisory to and works through the ISTSS President, Executive Committee, and Board in matters of policy and relationships with other organizations.  Committee members act in concert with ISTSS policy on matters such as encouraging networking of trauma professionals and organizations worldwide.  This includes providing support, advice and mentoring to traumatic stress societies internationally, particularly those in the early stages of their development.

Individual IS&A Committee members are active in the Global Relationships Initiative (ISTSS Strategic Goal #5) and the full committee is expected to have a role in evaluating proposals and offering recommendations to Executive Committee and the Board of Directors regarding options for restructuring.

Composition & Designated Members: Committee membership should be internationally diverse and representative of ISTSS members.

Authority (including limitations): The committee has the authority to communicate with representatives of other organizations regarding matters of mutual interest.  This includes providing documents and guidance regarding formal affiliation with ISTSS.  The committee advises the Board regarding affiliation requests and any matters that involve the relationship between ISTSS another traumatic stress organization. The committee also recommends policies regarding international structure and affiliations to the Board.  IS&A Committee does not have authority to enter into agreements on behalf of ISTSS.

Society Policies Impacting Function:  Board-approved affiliation criteria and exchange-of-benefits provisions guide committee evaluation of requests for new and continuing affiliation.

Interactions with other committees:  IS&A Committee works closely with the President as primary representative of ISTSS and has regular communication with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.  The committee works as needed with other ISTSS committees on matters of membership, program, etc.

Products:  The committee is instrumental in organizing an annual Leadership Summit involving representatives from affiliated and not-yet-affiliated traumatic stress societies in conjunction with the ISTSS Annual Meeting.  The committee submits formal recommendations to the ISTSS Executive and Board that may produce contractual agreements with other organizations and societies.

Staff resources available (from Sherwood scope of work):  The committee works with the Executive Director and appropriate headquarters’ staff.

Financial and other resources available: Funds for conference call meetings are available to the committee on a periodic basis.  A room is provided at the Annual Meeting for a face-to-face gathering of committee members to conduct business, and a meeting venue (typically the Presidential Suite) and light refreshments are provided for the Leadership Summit.  Headquarters staff provides support for the Summit by distributing invitations, tracking RSVP responses, answering questions, etc.
Processes/procedures:  Meetings are scheduled as needed; generally with one face-to-face meeting at the Annual Meeting with further discussions via e-mail and conference call(s), as necessary.  See “Policies and Procedures for ISTSS Affiliation” document)


Danny Kaloupek - Chair
VA Boston Healthcare System
Nozomu Asukai - Member
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
Charles C. Benight - Member
Univ of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Mark Creamer - Member
Andreas Maercker - Member
Univ of Zurich
Lynda Matthews - Member
Univ of Sydney
Paula P. Schnurr - Member
VA Medical Center