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Nominations and Elections Committee

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Responsibilities: The Nominations Committee will: prepare a slate of candidates per position for Board and President-Elect and present the slate to the membership no less than 120 days prior to the annual meeting; oversee the election process, including the carrying out of special elections if necessary and; adhere to the timetable of nominations and elections specified each year, as closely as is feasible. The committee also governs the bi-annual student representatives to the Board of Directors slate.

Composition & Designated Chair or Members: The past president becomes the chair of the Nominations Committee.  The Board shall appoint six (6) members of the Nominations Committee from a list of members in good standing as presented by the Past President who shall chair the Nominations Committee. The composition of the Committee shall represent the diverse interests and backgrounds of the Society membership and be approved by the Board of Directors at its Annual Meeting Board Meeting. Consecutive terms on the Nominations Committee are permitted. Members of the Nominations Committee are not eligible for inclusion on the slate.

Authority (including limitations): The committee has the authority to create a slate for an annual Society election and to review the slate from the Student Representatives for their bi-annual election.  The committee does not have the authority to change the election schedule without changes made to the bylaws by the Board of Directors.

Society Policies Impacting Function:  The Society bylaws stipulate the rules of the election which must be adhered to.  Any deviations or problems must be immediately brought to the attention of the Executive Committee. The most current bylaws governing the election should be scrutinized by the committee prior to an election.

Interactions with other committees:  The Nominations Committee must consult with the Executive Committee prior to distribution of the slate/ballot.

Products: A successful annual Board and Presidential election.  Bi-annually, a successful student election.

Staff resources available (from Sherwood scope of work):  Staff prepares and executes electronic ballots for the general annual election and the bi-annual student election as well as correspondence with all candidates including all election announcements.

Financial and other resources available:  The annual costs of the general election and the bi-annual election are built into the budget and related staff time is also budgeted for these purposes.  The costs of making changes to the bylaws, an electronic vote process, governed by the committee would be considered an additional cost outside of the budget, unless it can be planned in advance.

Processes/procedures: Discussions may be held in person at the Annual Meeting prior to the annual election and/or via e-mail and/or conference call(s), as necessary. Candidate selection process begins with reviewing the ISTSS Bylaws.


Meaghan L. O'Donnell - Chair
Phoenix Australia
Grete A. Dyb - Member
Norwegian Ctr on Violence & Traumatic Stress Studies
Karestan C. Koenen - Member
Harvard T H Chan School of Public Hlth
Andreas Maercker - Member
Univ of Zurich
Sacha A. McBain - Member
Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
Barbara O. Rothbaum - Member
Emory Univ Sch of Medicine
Christian Schmahl - Member
Central Institute of Mental Health