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Student Research Grant Committee

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Responsibilities:  Provide two $1,000.00 awards to graduate student members who submit research proposals judged to have the greatest potential to contribute to the field of traumatic stress. Applications will be reviewed by the committee chair and the members of the committee.  Approved November 15, 2000 Board of Directors Meeting

By selecting and providing support for our most promising student members we are promoting dissemination and collaboration (goal #2) as well as the promotion of science and clinical practice (goal #4).”

Composition & Designated Chair or Members:  The committee consists of one chair and three to ten members. All ISTSS committee members must be in good standing. When possible, committee members should be senior specialists within their field, come from different institutions and represent diverse professional approaches.

Authority (including limitations): The committee has the authority to review applications and within the funds allotted, determine the grant recipients.  The committee cannot provide grants in an aggregate amount exceeding funding.

Society Policies Impacting Function:  The committee will work within the original confines of the program unless the Board of Directors changes their charge or funding.

Interactions with Other Committees:  In December of 2001, it was decided that the Awards Committee should have responsibility for the Student Research Support Awards.  However, in later years, it evolved into its own committee with a separate chair from the Awards Committee, known as the Student Research Grant Committee.

Products:  Two grants are provided annually for Student Research and funds are presented at the Annual Meeting.

Staff Resources Available (from Sherwood scope of work):  Staff is available to promote the grant via e-mail and the Web site and to gather all of the applications which are presented to the chair of the Student Research Committee.  Staff then notifies the recipients, prepares checks and certificates.

Financial and other resources available: The committee may conduct conference calls and must adhere to the amount of funding designated in the annual budget.

Processes/procedures:  After reviewing all applications via e-mail, it may be necessary for the committee to hold a conference call to discuss rankings of final candidates.  Chair will receive all applications to disburse to committee members.  After reviewing applicant materials, committee members will vote on top two student research grant applications.  Results will be provided to headquarters, who will prepare certificates and have two checks created for distribution at the Annual Meeting.  Award recipients are to submit a two-page report on the status of the funded research, including a general statement about how the funds were spent, by November 1st of the year following the award. The recipients will be guaranteed poster space to present the work at the ISTSS annual meeting that year.

Award Recipient Benefits:
This award provides two $1000 awards to graduate student members who submit research proposals judged to have the greatest potential to contribute to the field of traumatic stress. Checks and award certificates will be awarded at the Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony.

Additional Function to select Outstanding Student Achievement Award from submissions from the Student Representatives:


  • Description: The Award for Outstanding Student Achievement is designed to recognize a graduate student member of ISTSS who has made a significant contribution to the field of traumatic stress through research, clinical activity, or advocacy. 
  • Requirements for Consideration: Nominees for the Outstanding Student Achievement award must be current student members of ISTSS or have been a student within the past year and been a student member when completing the activity for which they are nominated.  Student members are not eligible for this award while occupying a student leadership position. Nominees must be nominated by an ISTSS member.  The nominating member must provide the name, program, and contact information for the nominated student member as well as confirm that the nominee is a student member of ISTSS.  In addition, the nominating member will complete a 1-2 page nominating letter describing the outstanding achievement of the nominee and reasons the member believes the student should be considered for the award.
  • Award Determination: The ISTSS student leadership will evaluate all completed nominations on the basis of their contribution to the field of traumatic stress.  The student leadership will select no more than 5 possible recipients and submit these nominations to the Student Grant Committee. This committee will make the final decision as to the recipient of the award.  Nominated students and nominating members will be notified of the final decision and the recipient will be notified of his or her selection to receive the award.  The recipient will receive a plaque recognizing the achievement and the honor will be presented at the annual ISTSS conference student luncheon. 


Erika J. Wolf - Chair
National Center for PTSD & BUSM
Samantha Angelakis - Member
Michele Bedard-Gilligan - Member
Univ of Washington
Janie Jun - Member
Sadie Larsen - Member
VA Milwaukee; Medical College of WI
Sarah Ostrowski-Delahanty - Member
NeuroDevelopmental Sci Ctr Akron Childrens Hosp
Johanna Thompson-Hollands - Member
National Center for PTSD, VA Boston Healthcare System
Kate Walsh - Member
Yeshiva University
Blair Wisco - Member