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Travel Grant Committee

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Responsibilities:  A limited number of travel grants may be available to support conference attendees coming from developing countries and experiencing financial hardship with fees or travel costs. The travel grants are supported by voluntary contributions from ISTSS members.  In addition, a limited number of travel grants may be available to assist ISTSS student members to attend the conference.
The ISTSS Travel Grant Committee contributes to the following goals identified by ISTSS in its 2010 Strategic Plan and Priorities:

  • Goal 1: Professional Community. The committee supports the opportunity for respectful exchange among a diverse membership by supporting ISTSS members from developing countries to attend the annual conference and present their work.
  • Goal 2: Dissemination and Collaboration. The committee helps to support opportunities for increased interchange among scientists, practitioners, organizations and policymakers.
  • Goal 5:  Global Relationships. By bringing members to the annual meeting from developing countries, the committee helps to promote ISTSS” increased responsiveness to issues, members and stakeholders from all nations.
  • Goal 6: Organizational Excellence. The committee assists the organization in being inclusive by making it possible for some members to attend and present their work at the annual meetings.

Composition & Designated Chair or Members:  Committee members (2-5 people) will be selected by the Chair and are to be diverse in the realms of professional expertise and geographic location because the public and its needs will vary across countries and regions.
Authority (including limitations): The committee may determine recipients of annual travel grants within their budgeted funds.  The committee must request financial information from headquarters to determine the amount of funds available to them for travel grant recipients.  They may request additional funds through a resource request form, but approval is not guaranteed.
Society Policies Impacting Function:  The committee will continue to have funds available as determined by member donations and any budgeted available funds.  There may be years when budgeting for this purpose is unavailable.
Interactions with other committees:  The committee is not involved in any other committees, but must work with the liaison to the Executive Committee if seeking any exceptions to normal practice.
Products:  The committee produces a list of travel grant recipients.
Staff resources available (from Sherwood scope of work):   Staff is available to promote the travel grant awards via broadcast e-mails and the Web site.  Staff gathers the applications and forwards them to the committee chair and notifies recipients.  Staff also prepares paperwork for check/cash disbursement at the annual meeting for recipients.
Financial and other resources available:  Members donate funds for the purpose of providing travel grants to the annual meeting and in some years, the Board of Directors approve a sum in the budget to be used expressly for this purpose.
Processes/procedures:  The committee will conduct discussions either via e-mail and/or conference call(s), as necessary.  Funds for travel grants are solicited from the membership and sometimes additional funds are budgeted. 
Selection takes into account the total pool of funds available and how much support is requested by applicant to assure attendance. Applying the selection criteria: the criteria have involved people in active practice who are in early or mid-career, and who are also presenting at the meeting. In particular a value has been placed on how much "impact" the applicant would have on service delivery in their place of residence. If possible, some attention to geographic distribution, age, race/ethnicity/ gender may also be considered. For the student travel grants, the criteria would be student members of ISTSS in good standing who are presenting at the meeting.
Notice of the grant is placed on the ISTSS Web site along with an opportunity to make an online donation to the fund. The travel grants are supported by voluntary contributions from ISTSS members. 
An ISTSS member must submit the application. Members may apply on behalf of individuals who are not members of the Society. Grants will be awarded based on applications received by mid-July 15. Individuals selected to receive a travel grant will be notified in writing by mid-September.
The application form should include a statement of need that explains the impact or importance of attending this meeting, a current curriculum vitae, estimate of expenses to travel to the meeting and a letter of reference (optional).  


Nida Corry - Chair
Abt Associates
Terri deRoon-Cassini - Member
Med College of Wisconsin
Brian J. Hall - Member
Univ of Macau
Hugo A. Kamya - Member
Xin Lv - Member