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Articles that appear in the Trauma Blog are from StressPoints, Journal of Traumatic Stress or web editorial contributions.

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Chronic PTSD Symptoms Over Time in Veterans

Posted 11 January 2016 in JOTS Highlights by Barbara Niles, PhD and Anica Pless Kaiser, PhD

Chronic PTSD Symptoms Over Time in Veterans
This JTS commentary discusses findings that suggest that treatments directly targeting the hyperarousal symptoms of PTSD may break the chain of symptom maintenance and may be a powerful mechanism in the treatment of chronic PTSD.

Retrospective Appraisals of Combat

Posted 4 March 2016 in JOTS Highlights by Barbara Pitts, PhD and Martin Safer, PhD

Retrospective Appraisals of Combat
A life-threatening traumatic experience can cause physical and psychological distress, but it can also be remembered with pride from having demonstrated one’s courage and abilities under severe circumstances. This JTS Commentary discusses a study investigating how combat experiences and later reflections affect reports of posttraumatic stress and depression symptoms in 324 U.S. Army medics.