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Posted 1 July 2002 in StressPoints by ISTSS

ISTSS Announcements and Updates

Donations Needed for ISTSS Travel Grants Fund

Posted 1 July 2002 in StressPoints by ISTSS

ISTSS offers travel grants to support conference attendees coming from developing countries and experiencing financial hardship with fees or travel costs. These grants usually are made from member donations accompanying annual membership fees. This year the president and other board members are leading the effort in making personal donations to increase the relatively modest sums currently available.


Posted 1 July 2002 in StressPoints by Alethea Smith, Contributing Editor, Student Section

Summer Means a Time for Change and Opportunity for Students

Clinicians Providing Counseling to New York Uniformed Services

Posted 1 July 2002 in StressPoints by Dorothy Kurlander, New York, N.Y.

Only one day after the September 11 attacks, a small group of clinicians joined together to develop a coalition of volunteers who committed to providing pro bono psychological services for New York City's uniformed service personnel and their families, for as long as it takes. The New York Disaster Counseling Coalition (NYDCC), a not-for-profit organization, has grown from that original small group to include hundreds of volunteer clinicians committed to donating a minimum of one pro bono session per week with a client who is seen in the privacy and confidentiality of the clinician's office.

Rituals of Healing Encountered Among Street Children of Haiti

Posted 1 July 2002 in StressPoints by Amber Elizabeth Lynn Gray, Denver, Colorado

In a world where attention to human suffering and survival now focuses on acts of terrorism, the ongoing struggles of less newsworthy countries might be overlooked. Haiti, for example, continues to suffer from the effects of slavery-related oppression that has been an integral part of its history.

ISTSS Sponsors National Screening Program for PTSD Outreach

Posted 1 July 2002 in StressPoints by ISTSS

National Depression Screening Day (NDSD) is an annual outreach event designed to educate the public about depression and related disorders, screen for these disorders and refer those in need to treatment. Because the program incorporates posttraumatic stress disorder screening, ISTSS will be a sponsor this year. NDSD, scheduled for October 10, 2002, is in its twelfth year. It reaches 100,000 people annually and has proved that a national screening event is successful in reaching those with mental health problems who currently aren't in treatment.

Trauma to One Family Member Affects Entire Family

Posted 1 July 2002 in StressPoints by Briana S. Nelson and Kami L. Schwerdtfeger, Kansas State University

Partners, parents and siblings often must endure the effects when a family member is traumatized. The family may serve as a resource for support or an obstacle that blocks a traumatized member's recovery (Compas & Epping, 1993). Families may become "trauma-organized systems" (Banyard, Englund & Rozelle, 2001), with patterns related to the traumatic experience manifested on a family system level.

Item Response Theory Method and Application Gaining Support as Assessment Instrument

Posted 1 July 2002 in StressPoints by Patrick A. Palmieri, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Most psychological assessment instruments-including those that measure trauma and its consequences-have been developed using what is known as classical test theory (CTT). Many researchers may not be aware, however, that CTT carries with it certain disadvantages. One disadvantage is that characteristics of the items (and the scale as a whole) depend upon the particular sample on which they are calculated. In addition, a person's score on a measure of a particular trait or construct (e.g., PTSD) depends upon the specific items that are selected. Therefore, everyone must be administered the exact same item set if they are to be placed on the same dimension or metric.
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