International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

SAPsi Hosts ISTSS Midyear Board of Directors Meeting at Its 4th International Congress in Buenos Aires

Posted 1 October 2004 in StressPoints by Daniel Mosca, SAPsi president and Barbara Rothbaum, ISTSS president-elect

ISTSS held its midyear board of directors meeting in Buenos Aires this year. The June meeting took place during the 4th annual meeting of ISTSS affiliate, the Argentine Society for Psychotrauma (SAPsi).

SAPsi’s 4th International Congress for Psychic Trauma and Traumatic Stress attracted more than 1,400 attendees from 42 countries, including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Mexico, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Iraq, Israel and Italy, among many others. ISTSS’s midyear board of directors meeting was organized around SAPsi’s annual meeting, and many ISTSS board members were speakers at this successful conference.

Speakers from ISTSS were Stuart Turner, Mary Ann Dutton, Barbara Rothbaum, Paula Schnurr, Sahika Yuksel, Eve Carlson, Elana Newman, Joop de Jong, and past president Alexander McFarlane. Go to to see the program.

More than 400 presentations about the different trauma fields and speakers from the five continents illustrated the diversity of this event. It also demonstrates the benefits of collaboration: SAPsi hosted the ISTSS board meeting and, in kind, most of the ISTSS board members gave presentations at SAPsi, contributing to its success. SAPsi’s President Daniel Mosca said he is hopeful that this can be a model for collaboration and interaction between ISTSS and affiliate societies for the future.

The next SAPsi congress will be held June 23–25, 2005, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For general information, for registration or to submit a paper, visit SAPsi’s Web site at