International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Trauma Foundation Votes to Dissolve

Posted 1 October 2004 in StressPoints by ISTSS

The Trauma Foundation board of trustees voted 4-2 via conference call to dissolve the organization and donate any funds remaining after all debts are retired to ISTSS. The transfer will be in the form of a restricted donation for use in support of public education projects, at ISTSS discretion.

Trauma Foundation board of trustee members are Charlene Divoky, Chris Dunning, Ruth Blizzard, Barbara Rothbaum, Jeff Wier, Greg Leskin, Bob Pynoos and Jacqueline Garrick. Pynoos and Garrick were not present for the vote.

Divoky emphasized the need for continued support of information distribution for survivors, beyond research projects.

Greg Schultz, of the Foundation headquarters staff, also was present on the call. Schultz will oversee the dissolution process and ensure that funds are appropriately transferred and credited.