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Communications Corner

Posted 1 January 2004 in StressPoints by ISTSS

ISTSS Announcements and Updates

Call for Presentations

Posted 1 January 2004 in StressPoints by ISTSS

Call for Presentations

Behavioral Health Interventions Following Mass Violence

Posted 1 January 2004 in StressPoints by PatriciaWatson, National Center for PTSD

The field of behavioral intervention following mass trauma has received high visibility since September 11, 2001. The interest in early intervention has expanded rapidly in the past few years in an attempt to prevent the distress, impaired functioning, and long-term difficulties that so often are associated with exposure to mass violence. While thoughtfully designed and carefully executed randomized controlled trials are critical in establishing best practices, there are few randomized controlled trials following mass violence. Therefore, methods such as case studies and consensus conferences have attempted to provide guidance in the absence of empirical support. A consensus conference on mental health interventions following mass violence assembled experts from around the world to arrive at guidance statements for professionals in this field (http://www.nimh.nih-gov/research/ massviolence.pdf). In August 2003, two expert panels on assessment/screening and outreach/intervention were conducted to expand on the consensus findings. A book currently is in progress (Ritchie E.C., Watson P., Friedman M., Mental Health Intervention Following Disasters or Mass Violence. Guilford Press).

PTSD, Co-morbid Anxiety Disorders and Emotional Reactivity

Posted 1 January 2004 in StressPoints by Lisa M. McTeague, Gainesville, Florida

In current diagnostic practice, physiological hyperarousal is considered a hallmark symptom of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Curiously, when reactions are objectively assessed in the psychophysiological laboratory, PTSD patients do not always show the expected greater reactivity. In an effort to understand this inconsistency, physiological reactions were systematically measured in PTSD patients (N=34) and demographically matched controls (N=49) as these participants listened to emotionally evocative scripts and then imagined that they were participating personally in the events described.

Call for ISTSS Members with Forensic Interests

Posted 1 January 2004 in StressPoints by ISTSS

The Argentine Society for Psychotrauma, or SAPsi (an affiliate of ISTSS), is holding its IV International Congress on Psychic Trauma and Traumatic Stress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 24-26, 2004. An ISTSS panel on forensic issues is being planned for the conference--this will be a first-time featured conference event. A wide range of topics apply, from evaluation to court testimony or treatment issues. ISTSS members who are interested in forensic issues are encouraged to submit proposals and become a member of the panel.

Conference on Innovations in Trauma Research Methods Seeks Nominations for Special Program Features

Posted 1 January 2004 in StressPoints by ISTSS

The first annual Conference on Innovations in Trauma Research Methods (CITRM) will be held November 17-18, 2004, in New Orleans, at the close of the ISTSS 20th Annual Meeting (November 14-17) and just before the opening of the annual meeting of the Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy (AABT, November 18-21). The aims of CITRM are to enhance the methodological sophistication of trauma research, to develop creative solutions to trauma's unique methodological challenges, to enhance methods training for beginning trauma researchers, to enlighten the trauma research community with regard to strategies from other fields, and to examine ethical issues in the conduct of trauma research.

ISTSS Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Ochberg

Posted 1 January 2004 in StressPoints by ISTSS

Frank M. Ochberg, MD, is the 2003 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honor given by ISTSS. It is awarded to the individual who has made great lifetime contributions to the field of traumatic stress studies. Ochberg is an acclaimed psychiatrist, pioneer in trauma science, educator, diplomat, chair emeritus of the Dart Center Executive Committee, and a founder of organizations, including ISTSS.

2003 Award Recipients Honored for Their Achievements in Traumatic Stress Studies

Posted 1 January 2004 in StressPoints by ISTSS

Each year at its annual meeting, ISTSS presents awards in recognition of achievements made in the field of traumatic stress studies. The 2003 Gala Awards Ceremony was held Saturday evening, November 1, in the Grand Ballroom of the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago before a packed house, with a reception following.
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