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CITRM 2008: “Perspectives on the Past, Present and Future of Research Methods in the Study of Psychological Trauma”

Posted 1 September 2008 in StressPoints by ISTSS

CITRM Executive Planning Commitee

The Conference on Innovations in Trauma Research Methods (CITRM), an outgrowth of ISTSS’s Research Methodology Special Interest Group, is geared toward both novice and experienced researchers. Its goals are to: (1) strengthen the methodological rigor of trauma research, (2) develop creative solutions to thorny design and analysis issues unique to trauma research, (3) supplement and enhance the training of novice researchers, (4) enhance diffusion of innovative research methods and designs from other disciplines and specialties, and (5) explore ethical dilemmas and possible solutions in trauma research.

This year’s opening plenary, “Perspectives on the past, present, and future of research methods in the study of psychological trauma”,  features Dr. Terry Keane, associate chief of staff for research and development, VA Boston Healthcare System; director, behavioral science division, National Center for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and professor of psychiatry, Boston University School of Medicine.
Some of the other presentations will focus on meta-analysis, cross-cultural measurement equivalence, clinical trial design, minority recruitment and retention, mixed methods designs, ethics, neurobiological methods, modern mediation analyses, growth curve modeling methods, and challenges in conducting quick-response studies in the wake of mass trauma.
Join other researchers at various levels of experience and from a variety of specialties to learn about design, statistical, and measurement issues that apply to trauma research. For those already planning to attend the annual ISTSS conference, staying in the Chicago area two extra days for CITRM will complement the experience without the addition of more travel costs.