Online Trauma Training
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Clinical Ethics (Master Clinician Video, 1.5 Credits)

with Daniel Taube, JD, PhD

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Most licensed professionals working with trauma have had the opportunity to take courses on ethics and legal issues. As such, there is both a need and an opportunity to combine updated material with more focused and in-depth discussion of complexities inherent in these topics. The purpose of this workshop is to explore core issues related to ethical problem solving, boundaries and underlying ethical and legal aspects of record keeping. If time permits, clinician-initiated termination will also be reviewed. This workshop will assist mental health professionals in maintaining competence in making ethically and legally informed clinical decisions, and help participants better manage the complexities of mental health practice. It will be taught at an intermediate level, and is appropriate for currently licensed professionals.

Learning Objectives

  • Define four key aspects of ethical decision making.
  • Describe three elements of ethical boundary concerns in clinical work with trauma survivors.
  • Differentiate three legally, clinically and ethically- related aspects of record keeping.