Online Trauma Training
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Research Ethics (Master Clinician Video, 1.5 Credits)

with Daniel Taube, JD, PhD

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Must trauma researchers meet higher standards than researchers focusing on less vulnerable populations? Do the development of knowledge and respect for autonomy outweigh participant vulnerability when investigating the immediate experience of trauma survivors? Does empirical research on research ethics shed light or obfuscate the fundamentally value-based decision making process in which researchers and IRBs must engage? This presentation will focus on current controversies in the ethics of research on trauma. It will review ethical analysis, informed consent, and the use of data to inform research methods and ethical decision making.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize two pros and cons of a current controversy in the ethics of trauma research.
  • List three aspects of analysis in research ethics decision- making.
  • Describe two empirical findings that can inform ethical standards in trauma research.