Online Trauma Training
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Reviews of Longitudinal and Treatment Outcome Research (Audio Training, 1 Credit)

with Alexander C. McFarlane, MD & Patricia A. Resick, PhD

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Longitudinal Studies in PTSD. How do they inform practice? – Alexander C. McFarlane, MD 

This session presents long-term naturalistic follow-up data to challenge some of the prevailing assumptions about PTSD.

Treatment Outcome ResearchPatricia A. Resick, PhD

This session focuses the components of state-of-the-art treatment research will be described within a framework of modern understandings of cognitive behavioural treatments for PTSD.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify one predictor of PTSD in civilian samples.
  • Recognize the percentage of people exposed to traumatic stress who continue to have PTSD symptoms years after the trauma.
  • Identify two ways to design a study to increase power.
  • List two steps to limit effects of individual treatment providers on outcomes in intervention studies.