News from Chile: Successful Trauma Conference and Launch of a New Society


Several hundred trauma professionals gathered in Talca, Chile for two days in mid-December 2014 for the Primera Jornada Internacional de Trauma Psíquico in Chile. Hosted by the University of Talca and with the collaboration of ISTSS, the conference brought together traumatic stress researchers and clinicians from all over Chile for a rich program of scientific and clinical presentations.  Read More... 

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ISTSS 31st Annual Meeting










The ISTSS 31st Annual Meeting will be held November 5 -7 in New Orleans, LA, USA. The conference theme, Back to Basics: Integrating Clinical and Scientific Knowledge to Advance the Field of Trauma.. Read More...

Teaching with the Journal of Traumatic Stress (JOTS) II

In the first Teaching Trauma with JOTS column, I introduced the idea of using articles from the Journal of Traumatic Stress (JOTS) to teach both trauma and scientific literacy using MCAT-style multiple choice tests. In this column, I present a second MCAT-style question along with some resources for teaching about a recent Journal of Traumatic Stress publication. Read More... 

Traumatic StressPoints
January 2015



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Je suis Charlie

Miranda Olff, PhD

ISTSS Global Meetings Committee Update

Insights from a Developing and Asian Perspective

Regina M. Hechanova, PhD

Reflections from Ukraine

Olenksii Korzh, PhD

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November 5 - 7, 2015
ISTSS 31st Annual Meeting -  Back to Basics: Integrating Clinical and Scientific Knowledge to Advance the Field of Trauma
Louisiana, USA


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