Media SIG
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Media SIG

Mission Statement

The ISTSS Media SIG is a forum for researchers, clinicians, and journalists. The Media SIG promotes interdisciplinary dialogue, special projects, and research on news coverage of trauma and disaster, facilitates collaboration between researchers, scholars and media practitioners to promote public understanding of trauma; and encourages scientific and scholarly contributions to the study of journalism and trauma.

Some history: The Media SIG meets annually at ISTSS. Media SIG discussions have served as the impetus for a number of important projects, including ISTSS panels, symposia, and a 2006 pre-meeting institute designed to train clinicians to work with media. A Media SIG discussion led to publication of Tragedies and Journalists , a Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma booklet for journalists who cover tragedy.

For more information on journalism and trauma research, see http://www.dartcenter.org/research/index.html.


Patrice Keats
Cait McMahon