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Public Education Pamphlets and Fact Sheets

The ISTSS Public Education Committee has created a number of fact sheets and pamphlets for the general public and for consumers. The publications provide a readily accessible introduction to important trauma-related issues for the public at large, clients, research participants and other professionals.

Several of these fact sheets and pamphlets are available in Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.  Some English versions are also available in hard copy and can be ordered online. 

What Is Traumatic Stress?
Download:  English 

When a Friend or Loved One Has Been Traumatized
Download: EnglishIdioma espanol, or Order Online 

Mass Disasters, Trauma, and Loss
Download: EnglishIdioma espanolاللغة العربية中文

Trauma and Relationships
Download: English

Indirect Traumatization in Professionals Working with Trauma Survivors (for providers)
Download: English

Traumatic Stress and Substance Abuse Problems
Download: EnglishIdioma espanol

Intimate Partner Violence 
Download: EnglishIdioma espanol, or Order Online

Children and Trauma
Download: EnglishIdioma espanolاللغة العربية 中文, or Order Online

Remembering Childhood Trauma
Download: EnglishIdioma espanol, or Order Online

What Is ISTSS?  
Download: English, or Order Online

Trauma, Loss and Traumatic Grief
Download: 中文, اللغة العربية