Spirituality SIG
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Spirituality SIG

Mission Statement

The mission of the ISTSS Spirituality SIG is to provide a forum for discussion of issues related to the interaction of trauma and spirituality. Discussion may take place at the annual ISTSS conference, on the spirituality listserv and Web site, and via email correspondence among SIG members.
To identify and disseminate state-of-the-art research and clinical strategies that address the relationship between trauma and spirituality in the lives of trauma survivors and clinicians to the SIG membership and the ISTSS society at large.
Recognizing that spirituality is a primary domain of experience for many people that has been historically under-researched, particularly in the field of trauma, the SIG seeks to advocate for the inclusion of spiritual variables in research designs and development of treatment approaches which address these issues in projects advocated and undertaken by SIG and ISTSS members in their various locations.
SIG Goals:

 •Create an annotated bibliography of measures of Spirituality relevant to the study of the relationship of Spirituality and Trauma and disseminate that to our members, to other relevant SIGs (i.e. Assessment, Trauma & Loss), and the ISTSS society at large.

 •Identify salient research questions by creating a literature discussion group and a Web-based listing of existing literature.

 •Create a SIG web site with all the above info, links to relevant funding agencies, and lists of resources.

 •Provide a forum that ultimately leads to development and implementation of multi-site funded studies in the area of Trauma & Spirituality.