Online Trauma Training
WEB0813 Abstracts
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Matthew J. Friedman, MD, PhD
Dr. Friedman previously recorded a presentation describing the DSM-5’s new chapter on Trauma and Stress- or Related Disorders. The presentation is FREE to view and is 
available here. In this second, live webinar (participation fees apply), Dr. Friedman will address questions about the DSM-5 process as well as about the new diagnostic criteria..

Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD
Dr. Lanius will explain how the recognition of a new dissociative subtype of PTSD as part of the DSM-5 PTSD diagnosis was based on three converging lines of research.

Patricia A. Resick, PhD, ABPP
Dr. Resick will present on implications of the DSM-5 criteria for assessment within the context of treatment. She will emphasize the changes in items and criteria and how they might affect treatment or assessment before or after treatment.

Dean G. Kilpatrick, PhD
Dr. Kilpatrick will address three issues concerning the PTSD diagnosis the implications of diagnostic changes and the high prevalence of exposure to multiple traumatic events for PTSD assessment in DSM-5.