International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Members Making an Impact

ISTSS members help to inform and influence policy discussions and debates around the world.  Below are some examples of recent policy and advocacy efforts by ISTSS members:


ISTSS Member Testifies Before U.S. Congress

In 2011, ISTSS member Karestan Koenan, PhD testified before the U.S. House of Representative Foreign Affairs Committee about the epidemic of sexual violence and victim blaming culture of the Peace Corps.


ISTSS Members Work with European Union to Advance Trauma Care

From 2007-2009, members of ISTSS participated in The European Network for Traumatic Stress Training and Practice (TENTS-TP) process, co-founded by the European Union.  The TENTS-TP has had an impact on policy and practice by creating a core curriculum and guidelines for training and by building Europe-wide networks of expertise on the psychosocial management of victims of natural and other disasters.

ISTSS Members Inform Legal Decision Making in the UK

In 2011, ISTSS members Jane Herlihy, PhD and Stuart Turner, MD, and their colleagues have undertaken systematic research into the ways that judges making asylum claim determinations in the UK understand the narratives told by asylum seekers, who have often experienced significant trauma. The results of this work are disseminated to inform legal decision making.



Do you know an ISTSS members making a difference in policy or public awareness related to trauma?  Contact us and let us know.