Paper in a Day

Wednesday, November 9

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. – Plus Pre- and Post-Meeting Assignments

Paper in a Day grew out of a wish to foster collaborations between young researchers from around the world. Many of these researchers will be future leaders in the domain of posttraumatic mental health and the field will benefit from their partnerships and teamwork. Paper in a Day is designed to stimulate international connections and the exchange of ideas by working on a tangible outcome: a brief paper or commentary for a peer-reviewed journal. This will be an intensive, productive and enjoyable day. Previous editions have led to conference contributions, journal articles, and lasting contacts (see the recent article in Traumatic Stress Points for more information). Because Paper in a Day will take place prior to the ISTSS annual meeting, participants will have the opportunity to continue dialogue with colleagues during the conference.


After registration, participants will be assigned to a team. Each team will choose a topic based on shared interests. Two weeks prior to the workshop, participants will individually prepare (e.g. read relevant articles, draft sections of the paper). The workshop will include plenary discussions about the topic and the drafted texts, and writing time in subgroups. Following the workshop, the draft will be finalized for submission.


In order to make the event a success, we ask participants to commit to:
a) Prepare in advance of the meeting - dedicate eight hours prior to the workshop.
b) Be present for the entire workshop.
c) Contribute to the final editing and referencing following the workshop.

How to participate

This event is aimed at early career academics who have obtained their PhD after November 2011 or who are in the final stages of submission. If you would like to participate, please send an email to by October 1, 2016 (first come, first serve) with the following information:
1) A short CV listing your publications and main research interests to inform our choice of topics. Please also let us know if you have an idea for/access to data to complete a relatively contained empirical paper, meta-analysis/review, or commentary on a recent article.
2) A statement that you commit to the required preparation, attendance and follow-up activities as described.

There is no registration fee for this PMI.