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Master Methodologists

Thursday, November 9

 Yochai Ataria, PhD, Center of Trauma  Studies, Tel Hai Academic College, Israel

What is it Like to Undergo a Traumatic Experience – the Phenomenological Approach in the Study of Trauma

Yochai Ataria completed his doctorate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his post doctorate at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Ataria is currently a senior lecturer at Tel-Hai College and a researcher at the Open University of Israel. He has published over 30 theoretical, empirical, and philosophical papers. Together with others, Ataria has also edited the following books: Kafka: New Perspectives (Safra, 2013), the Interdisciplinary Handbook of Trauma and Culture (Springer, 2016), and the Post-Humanistic Age (Pardes, 2016).

Friday, November 10

Angelique Cramer, PhD, Tilburg University, The Netherlands

A Network Perspective on Psychopathology: Theory, Methods, and its Potential Implications for Thinking about Resilience and Vulnerability

Angélique Cramer is an Associate Professor in models and methods for clinical psychology at the department of Methodology and Statistics at Tilburg University. In September 2013, she finished her Ph.D. thesis with honors. She specializes in the development of theoretical and statistical models for the development and maintenance of psychiatric disorders and comorbidity between them. Specifically, her focus is on network modeling and complex dynamic systems. Additionally, she works on more general methodological issues such as measurement invariance and solutions to the multiple comparisons problem. Since September 2015 her work is funded by a NWO innovational VENI grant. She has published > 30 scientific papers in internationally renowned journals such as Psychological Medicine (IF: 5.49), Behavioral and Brain Sciences (IF: 20.42), Annual Review of Clinical Psychology (IF: 16.69) and PNAS (IF: 9.40). Her H-index is 15 and her M-quotient is 2.33, which is in the top 1% of American professors. In January 2017 she was awarded a Rising Star designation by the Association for Psychological Science (APS). From February-June 2017 she is a fellow at the Dutch Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS), working on the problem of relapse in patients with major depression. 

Saturday, November 11

Nnamdi Pole, PhD, Smith College, USA

Methods to My Madness

Nnamdi Pole, PhD is a tenured Professor of Psychology, Adjunct Professor of Social Work, and Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Smith College. His research interests include ethnocultural variation in traumatic stress, psychophysiology, and psychotherapy. He has served on the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) Board of Directors, the American Psychological Association Division 56 Executive Committee, and as Associate Editor of Psychological Bulletin. He also serves on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Anxiety Disorders and Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. He is lead author of the “Stress and Trauma Disorders” chapter in the recent APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology and a chapter on “Behavioral and Psychophysiological Assessment of Trauma” in the APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology.