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Bill Seeks to Prevent Return of Children to Abusive Families

Posted 1 April 1997 in StressPoints by ISTSS

Sens. John Chafee, R-R.I., and Jay Rockefeller, D-W. Va., are sponsoring a bill to make it easier for judges, social workers and others to keep children away from abusive family situations. Currently, a 1980 law mandates that a reasonable effort be made to keep families together, but critics have complained that the misinterpretation of this law often results in returning children into dangerous situations.

Peering into the Internet's Future (Part II)

Posted 1 April 1997 in StressPoints by David V. Baldwin, PhD

How might Internet capabilities increase communication affect trauma research, clinical work and disaster responses in the future?

Treating Families of Kidnap Victims

Posted 1 April 1997 in StressPoints by Spiwak Frida, PhD, Elana Newman, PhD, Fuentes Adolfo, PhD, and Espinel Zelde, MD

Columbia accounts for 70 percent of the world's kidnappings.

Building Bridges to the Next Millenium: The Blueprints are Ready

Posted 1 April 1997 in StressPoints by Ellen Frey-Wouters, PhD, LLB

The 1990s have seen major United Nations conferences addressing important concerns of the international community: the World Summit for Children (New York, 1990), the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro, 1992), the World Conference on Human Rights (Vienna, 1993), the International Conference on Population and Development (Cairo, 1994), the World Summit on Social Development (Copenhagen, 1995), the World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995), the UN Conference on Human Settlements (Istanbul, 1996) and the World Food Summit (Rome, 1996).

ISTSS Active in Coalition Advocating for the Treatment Needs of Patients

Posted 1 April 1997 in StressPoints by Sandy Bloom, MD

ISTSS Executive Director Greg Schultz and I represented ISTSS at an important meeting in Washington, D.C., at the invitation of the American Psychiatric Association.

ISTSS Interest Area Updates

Posted 1 April 1997 in StressPoints by Mary Beth Williams, PhD, LCSW

Several of the ISTSS interest area groups sent in summary reports of their recent gatherings at the 1996 ISTSS Annual Meeting.


Posted 1 April 1997 in StressPoints by Terence Keane, PhD

Mapping the Future for ISTSS

DoD Program Applies Chronic Pain and Trauma Care Approaches to Treat Gulf War Veterans with Idiopathic Illnesses

Posted 1 April 1997 in StressPoints by Ann Norwood, MD

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine have teamed to provide innovative care for Gulf War veterans