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ISTSS a Sponsor for Trauma Conference in Australia

Posted 1 March 2003 in StressPoints by ISTSS

ISTSS is a sponsor for the 2003 International Conference on Trauma, Attachment and Dissociation, which takes place in Melbourne, Australia, Sept. 12-14. The conference is presented by the Delphi Centre in collaboration with the Cannan Institute and the Trauma and Dissociation Unit, Belmont Hospital, Queensland.

Communications Corner

Posted 1 March 2003 in StressPoints by ISTSS

ISTSS Announcements and Updates

Student Section

Posted 1 March 2003 in StressPoints by Alethea Smith

Addressing Challenges and Offering Opportunities for International Students in an International Society

An Introduction to the Logic of Rasch Measurement

Posted 1 March 2003 in StressPoints by Elizabeth J. Betemps, Cincinnati, Ohio

In an article in summer 2000 StressPoints, Patrick Palmieri provided an overview of item response theory, a contemporary approach to the development of psychometric instruments, and contrasted this approach to classical test theory, which forms the basis for most measures of trauma and its consequences. The following article presents another approach, based on probabilistic theory--the Rasch model.


Posted 1 March 2003 in StressPoints by Philip Castle, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Who Cares for the Wounded Journalist?

ISTSS Task Force Guidelines Play Important Role in International Trauma Training

Posted 1 March 2003 in StressPoints by Stevan Weine, Yael Danieli and David Eisenman, for the Task Force on International Trauma Training

International trauma training occurs when professionals with expertise in trauma mental health train local practitioners to respond optimally to trauma-related problems in the international arena. The ISTSS board created the Task Force on International Trauma Training in November 1999 to address this increasingly common activity. The overall goal of the task force is to advance international trauma training as it currently is practiced.

Refugees Seeking Asylum: Understanding the Process and Seeing the Need for Change

Posted 1 March 2003 in StressPoints by Jane Herlihy, London, England

Refugees, who often have trauma-related problems, increasingly seek help from mental health clinicians. One of the biggest challenges refugees face is in receiving permission to live in a safe country. How can our understanding of a refugee's mental processes help us understand and even inform this legal process?

April's Journal of Traumatic Stress Collaborates with OVC and NIJ to Focus on Violent Crime Research

Posted 1 March 2003 in StressPoints by Dean G. Kilpatrick Editor, Journal of Traumatic Stress, Charleston, South Carolina

Although the violent crime rate in the United States appears to have declined somewhat in recent years, the country continues to have one of the highest crime rates in the world. Violent crime, also a problem in many other parts of the world, is increasingly recognized as a major source of psychological trauma. Clearly, there is a need for mental health professionals to learn more about the scope and mental health consequences of criminal victimization, and for victim advocates and other criminal justice professionals to learn more about effective mental health treatment for crime-related psychological trauma.
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