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Vicarious Reactivity Following Amputation: A Potential Role of PTSD and Chronic Pain

Posted 4 March 2016 by Melita Giummarra, PhD and Bernadette Fitzgibbon, PhD

This JTS Commentary discusses a series of studies investigating the tendency to experience pain when witnessing others in pain—i.e., vicarious pain—in two amputee cohorts. Given the high levels of co-morbidity and likely common neurobiological mechanisms of pain and post-traumatic stress disorder, we specifically investigated the role of PTSD symptoms in the experience of vicarious pain.

Why Don’t Soldiers with Sexual Assault Histories Seek Mental Health Treatment?

Posted 21 September 2015 in JOTS Highlights by Heidi Zinzow, PhD

This JTS Commentary discusses a recent article titled, "Barriers and Facilitators of Mental Health Treatment-Seeking in U.S. Active Duty Soldiers With Sexual Assault Histories" by Zinsow et al. (2015). In it the authors discuss a study that examined service use behavior, barriers, and facilitators of mental health treatment-seeking in a sample of 927 active duty U.S. Army soldiers with mental health problems.

Physical and Mental Battle Wounds: OEF/OIF/OND Veterans’ Physical Pain is Associated with Their PTSD Symptoms Severity But Not Their Physical Head Injuries

Posted 16 September 2015 in JOTS Highlights by Margaret Powell

This JTS Commentary by Powell et al. (2015) discusses a study focused on the association between physical pain of veterans and posttraumatic stress symptoms.

Sexual Trauma is Associated with Adverse Outcomes among US Service Women

Posted 1 September 2015 in JOTS Highlights by Jeffrey Millegan, MD MPH and Cynthia LeardMann, MPH

This JTS Commentary discusses a recent article by Millegan et al. (2015) titled, "Recent Sexual Trauma and Adverse Health and Occupational Outcomes Among U.S. Service Women." In it the authors review the findings from a longitudinal study evaluating the effects of sexual trauma on the health, functinal status, and occupational outcomes of US Service women.