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Voices from Eastern Ukraine: “Peace to Your House!” (Slogan of Psychological Services in Lugansk)

Posted 23 July 2014 in StressPoints by Elena Cherepanov, PhD

It is very sad to see how the once beautiful and peaceful Eastern Ukraine has been plunged into the horrors of civil war.

Student Perspectives Childhood Trauma and Suicide: An Examination from the Perspective of the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicide

Posted 23 July 2014 in StressPoints by Noelle Bassi Smith, MA

The theme of the ISTSS 2015 Annual Meeting highlights the need to address the effects of childhood trauma across a lifespan.

ISTSS Award Recipient Reflections on Receiving the 2013 Frank W. Putnam Trauma Research Scholar Award

Posted 23 July 2014 by Sarah Campbell, MA

I was honored to accept the Frank W. Putnam Trauma Research Scholar award at the ISTSS 2013 Annual Meeting.

Trauma and World Literature - Home Fires: How Soldiers Write Their Wars

Posted 22 July 2014 in StressPoints by ISTSS

Since launching this feature in 2006 we, and our generous contributors, have called your attention to literature which illuminates the destructive power of psychological trauma, efforts to ameliorate its impact and success in achieving resilience and/or growth in the face of overwhelming life events.

President’s Message Building a Global Community of Trauma Professionals

Posted 22 July 2014 in StressPoints by Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD

What does it mean to build and sustain a global community that addresses trauma and its effects? Our Strategic Plan states that ISTSS is committed to operating in a manner that is “responsive to issues, members, and stakeholders from all nations” (Strategic Goal #5).

I want to highlight just a few ways that ISTSS is working toward this goal, and ask for your ideas about how ISTSS can continue to do this better. Follow @ISTSSNews on Twitter, and join the conversation (#istsscommunity) to share your thoughts.

A number of ISTSS initiatives are reaching out to include colleagues around the world who might not otherwise be able to participate in ISTSS activities. The Travel Grant Program helps trauma specialists from developing countries participate in the ISTSS Annual Meeting, enriching the experience of all meeting attendees. Travel grants are supported largely by member donations – if this is important to you, please consider making a contribution. New in 2014, ISTSS offers a no-cost “Corresponding Membership”. This option is currently available to trauma professionals living in Africa.

Individuals Displaced by War, Political Violence, & Human Rights Violations: A Brief Review of Current Issues

Posted 22 July 2014 in StressPoints by Jessica E. Lambert, PhD

June 20, 2014 marked the 14th Annual International Refugee Day.

For the Love of Battle

Posted 22 July 2014 in StressPoints by Thomas Elbert, PhD

Can it be satisfying to harm others?