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Internet Information on Childhood Abuse and Neglect (iCAN)

Welcome to the ISTSS Global Collaboration Project website for adults who have experienced childhood trauma: Internet information on Childhood Abuse and Neglect (iCAN). 

This e-pamphlet has been created to offer brief, relevant information to adults with childhood traumatic experiences. This e-pamphlet will help you understand what childhood trauma is, what are its possible effects, what you can do to help yourself, and what you can do to get help from others. This information does not replace advice by a professional clinician or a national legislative body. Please seek support when reading this material if it triggers unpleasant feelings.

Internet information on Childhood Abuse and Neglect (iCAN)
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We are currently investigating the use of a novel online survey methodology assessing childhood trauma history called the Childhood Attachment and Relational Trauma Screen (CARTS) in several different languages and cultures.

You are invited to complete the CARTS as a survey about individuals’ recollections of the quality of their relationships with their family members during childhood, and of relational traumatic experiences occurring during childhood. 
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